5 Things to Consider Before Buying An Electric Bike

  • Post by  Marc Johnson Apr 22, 2018

Electric bikes are now being adopted by more people as a means of transportation due to its numerous benefits. Ebikes are useful for commuting & recreation alike and especially for when navigating hills and rough terrains. They are also cost efficient, environment friendly and provide a means of exercising which can help in improving riders’ health.

For middle aged people, riding an electric bike allows you get the much needed exercise without realizing it. Try to imagine yourself taking a ride down the hill at a fast speed, the adrenaline rush, the exhilarating feeling that comes as the gust of wind hits your face gently and the trees seemingly fly past. The pleasant feeling of cruising up or down the hill without having to physically stress yourself. Nothing beats that!

Electric bikes are designed with you in mind, If you have been considering getting more exercise and/or reducing the number of times you use your car, then you should consider getting an ebike.

To ensure you are well informed about the various factors that you need to take note of when buying the e-bike of your dreams; I will be sharing some tips with you to guide you when making a buying decision. In no particular order, here are 5 things that you should consider before buying an electric bike.

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1. What are your needs?

It is advisable to make a checklist of what you want and determine which bike best fits your requirements before you go ahead and make a purchase. You can ask yourself questions such as, what you need the ebike for and how it would suit that purpose. Would a Cargo eBike fit your needs better? Or storage space to carry your bags, grocery items or your gym bag?

For instance, if you need a lightweight bike that you can carry on the bus or easily up the stairs, you should consider a Folding Electric Bike or one which has an easily removable battery in order to save weight when stowing.  Our favorite eFolding bike is the Magnum Premium Low-Step. This folder blends 48V power with convenience & ease of use by utilizing a low step architecture.

For long distance commutes, We suggest that you purchase an ebike with a large battery capacity of 500Wh or more.Such as the SmartMotion Pacer Electric Bike

2. Where are you going to be riding your bike frequently?

In order to be able to choose the best e-bike to purchase, you should also consider the community where you live, and identify where you will be frequently riding your e-bike.

Ebikes can be used for different kinds of activities including child transportation, urban commuting, mountain biking, traveling, goods transportation, cruising and gear hauling. Identifying the activities your bike will be used for and the roads or routes you will be plying frequently will influence the type of bike to buy, and the required features such as tyres, battery life, power of the electric motor and the weight.

You will be able to make a decision on which ebike would be perfect for you once you have considered where you will be riding your bike.

3. Your budget

After deciding where you will be riding your bike, and identifying your needs, you can then go through the wide range of ebike options that we offer at ebikesupply and make a choice based on the budget that you have. You should consider getting a balance between the features you want in the ebike and the amount of money budgeted for the purchase.

You should prioritize power, battery performance and aesthetics. We have several types of e-bikes with different features ranging from $400 to over $1500 dollars. With our prices, you won’t need to go overboard with your budget. We also offer free shipping on orders above $99; this helps you save money on the total cost of purchasing an ebike.

4. Battery Performance and Power

The battery performance and power are two of the most important features of an e-bike that you should consider before making a purchase. You should know how long the battery will last on a single charge. This is even more important when you are going to be covering long distances with your bike. You sure do not want to run out of power halfway on your trip. In situations where you have to climb steep hills, you should factor in the power of the electric motor for pedal assist.

5. Online Reviews of Ebikes

Before you purchase your ebike, you can research what people are saying about the product online. Check expert and customer reviews, read the specifications and the experience of existing users. You should consider buying products of brands with good reputation such as Bosch and Yamaha powered bikes.

Bringing it all together

Riding an ebike regularly will make you feel young and physically fit again, therefore buying an ebike can be one of the best decisions you will make. How about you join us on this energizing and fun ride, check out our wide range of electric bikes, and accessories at ebikesupply.Cheers!!!